Why Wallpaper Kenya Interior Designers?

We are interior designers, bringing you the benefits of over 15 years experience in wallpaper distribution & installations. We have both quality, low priced, discounted wallpaper as well as rare, unique, premium quality luxury wallpaper made in Germany.




Over 500 home & office wallpaper interior designs from Plain black & white wallpaper, plain gold, blue, pink, cream, green, purple....to nature wallpaper


Professional in-house interior designers & wallpaper installation staff. Fine seamless finishing makes a world of difference.


Quality and Value to the Interior Design Projects We Deliver. Price benefits, quality low priced wallpaper.


Following the global Interior Design & Wallpaper trends.


We have large stocks of wallpaper in our Nairobi Godown, On Time and on Budget delivery & wallpaper Installation.


Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction. We are aware we thrive on word of mouth and that the is no better advertisement than a satisfied client.



About Us

Wallpaper Kenya Interior Designers are a pioneer supplier of wallpaper for walls in Nairobi. Our wallpaper in Nairobi shop runs 15 years back. Wallpaper Kenya knows a beautiful interior space incorporates texture, patterns, color and depth and a focal point to create a layered and well-designed scheme. There are several ways to treat your walls and ceilings. However wallpaper & ceiling paper alone are the only method by which you can achieve all of these powerful interior design qualities together as a single package. Wallpaper Kenya is on record as a driver of the Renaissance of Wallpaper Interior Decoration in Kenya as captured by the national print and electronic media.