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16165 Wood effect wallpaper

16165 Wood effect wallpaper


Wood effect wallpaper is now in Nairobi. These wood effect wallpapers will fool anyone they are real plank. Wood effect wallpaper mimics wood wall paneling. Wood paneling are traditionally interlocking-wood but in this case wallpaper.

Paneling was developed in antiquity to make rooms in stone buildings more comfortable and wallpaper still serves that purpose insulating the room from the cold stone . Wood effect wallpaper in most modern buildings is however used for aesthetic purposes.

Wood effect wallpaper comes in different designs of wallpaper that look like wood, white wood wallpaper, distressed wood wallpaper, rustic wood, barn wood wallpaper, wood panel effect wallpaper, brown wood effect, old wood, black wood, dark wood, blue wood and all designs of natural wood wallpaper.

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