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MT-22113 3d stone effect wallpaper

MT-22113 3d stone effect wallpaper


3d stone effect wallpaper adds a sophisticated elegance to your home as you bring in the harmony of nature with the stunning look of 3d stone effect wallpaper from Wallpaper Kenya. Our 3d Stone effect wallpapers create a dramatic look, perfect as your kitchen wallpaper, bathroom wallpaper, living room wallpaper or bedroom wallpaper. The eye-catching appeal of faux 3d stone effect adds life-like characteristics and unique design without he high cost and intense labor that comes with real stone.

A strong trend in home interior wall decoration is adding texture to vertical surfaces, and a beautiful way to do that is by using 3d stacked stone wallpaper. The effect is that of a three-dimensional veneer made of cut pieces of natural stone that are attached to a backing and installed like you would tile. The dry stacked look or stone effect is part of the appeal.

The use of 3d stone effect wallpaper goes through trends, from the size of grout joints to colors. Some stone effects wallpaper look ‘ledge-y’, others look rough and rugged with lots of alternative textures, and now people are also choosing stacked stone with a smooth, contemporary finish and cut sharp edges.

3d stone effect wallpaper is a beautiful, cost-effective way to bring a versatile design element to your home. Wallpaper Kenya has a wide collection of bricks and stone effects wallpapers. This is a collection of versatile spectrum of natural finishes including tans, grays, wheat, graphite and other appealing stone effects wallpapers.

3d stone stone effects wallpapers detailed coloring and texture replicates real stone to an astonishing degree. With the many colors and textures to choose from, the design possibilities are wide open for achieving your desired effect. Stone effect wallpaper can add formal class and grace to a dining room, den or office, but adapt beautifully to a more casual setting like a kitchen, living room or family room.

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