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3d stone effect wallpaper S-20073

3d stone effect wallpaper S-20073


The 3d stone effect of this wallpaper is so real you will have to touch to realize it's just a stone effect wallpaper.

Before 3d stone effect wallpaper, even now, installing stone, or brick was and still is an expensive affair requiring still a intense labor. With our 3d stone effect wallpaper you cut off those expenses and still get a professional and authentic look. Look at the attention to details of the 3d stone effect wallpaper, the undeniable look and depth of an authentic stone at a fraction of the cost.

When we want a textured and interior wall tactile surfaces, we turn to the 3D Stone Effect Wallpaper hat can used to achieve the Matt, earthy feel of weathered natural stone.

This kind of 3d stone effect wallpaper brings nature into the room. It ties the outside of your home with the interior. A 3d effect wallpaper adds important decor elements, texture and color into your home or office. It adds interest to the wall and can act to create a focal point or feature wall.

3D Stone Effect Wallpaper come in different shapes and color, so you'll find the perfect tone to add a textured natural look to your home.

Some of the concerns of our customers when considering to by wallpaper is wash-ability and durability. The 3d stone effect wallpaper is both washable and durable. I was called to replace a similar wallpaper by a company called Carton Manufacturer who are at Industrial Area in Nairobi. The wallpaper had been on the wall for 30 years and was still looking good. It is only the adhesive that was now coming off- after three decades.

The use of the 3d stone effect wallpaper on interior wall partitions, say gypsum partition walls instead of real stone helps create a sustainable earth and is important to each and every person on the planet. There are many reasons going why going green is important. This authentic faux 3d stone effect wallpaper offers you the professional look of rock, brick, or stone without depleting any mineral resources.

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