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A22-20P03 Brick effect wallpaper

A22-20P03 Brick effect wallpaper


Brick effects in wallpaper are ornamental. In this picture a brick effect wallpaper A22-20P03 is used to transform a contemporary interior design setting into a country look. With over 50 brick effects wallpaper designs, Wallpaper Kenya can closely replicate almost any brick wall idea you have for your home. For the best brick effects, Wallpaper Kenya uses vinyl washable wallpaper which really brings out the outstanding depth of color in brick effects wallpaper. We stock only the highest quality brick images wallpapers that gives you a 3d brick effect, so you’ll find it hard not to reach out and touch the wallpaper every single time you see it, expecting to feel the rough clay and shale beneath your fingers expecting to feel the rough clay beneath your fingertips.

Wallpaper Kenya's incredible collections of realistic brick effects textures wallpaper are some of the top-sellers in Nairobi, and we’re certain that you’ll find the brick effect wallpaper of your dreams. With our excellent brick wallpaper design selections, your friends and family will be amazed that the brick effect wallpaper is not real brick!

Interior walls with exposed brick in a contemporary setting bring a natural look into the room. In the past, 3d brick effects wallpaper were used for fireplaces, basements, towers or citadels. A picture is worth a thousand words, natural look 3d brick effect wallpaper is amazing not only in residential interiors but also in commercial settings, meeting rooms and offices.

At Wallpaper Kenya we stock we stock a wide variety of wallpaper designs including common house building materials like brick, stone, wood and slate which allow you to reap the benefits of their aesthetics without any of the impractical side effects of bare walls such as heat loss and damp.

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