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A22-20P55 Stone wallpaper

A22-20P55 Stone wallpaper


Stone wallpaper is sometimes confused with brick wallpaper. The difference is not so big. Stone wallpaper mimics building stones, any massive, dense rock suitable for use in construction. A building stone is a natural rock whether igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary. A stone wallpaper, like a real building stone too, a is chosen for its properties of durability, attractiveness, and economy. Stone wallpaper mimics a decorative stone which is a stone that is quarried, cut or carved and is most highly valued for its pleasing appearance. A decorative stone is more often used in interior construction for decoration and monuments than as standard building stone.

Stone wallpaper is a faux stone effect wallpaper and the some of the most popular wallpapers. It comes in many designs including granite stone wallpaper, grey stone wallpaper, sandstone wallpaper, cobble stone wallpaper and many others. The natural stone and 3d effect of brick wallpaper adds an authentic charm that’s only experienced in rural cottages or inner-city apartments with an industrial decor theme. The natural rustic and earthy style of a brick wallpaper complements both traditional and contemporary furniture very well and is the perfect choice wallpaper to create a feature wall that’s sure to become wowing to your guests.

There are several designs of stone wallpaper just like there are a number of different rocks that have, at one time or another, been used as building or decorative stones. Our ancestors used local field-stone to build their houses. Later, as the demand grew for more elegant buildings and monuments, stone was sought which was both durable, and attractive qualities. These is what the stone wallpaper mimics. From the 1840's to the early 1900's, there were many quarries opened for the various types of building or decorative stones. The decorative stone industries today are almost non-existent because of competition from other, lower cost materials such as the decorative stone wallpaper.

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