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Abstract Brown floral wallpaper design

Abstract Brown floral wallpaper design


Abstract brown floral wallpaper in stock at Wallpaper Kenya. Imagine this abstract brown floral wallpaper on one focal wall and lighter shade of brown wallpaper on the other three walls in the room. Somewhat less common than other floral wallpaper colors, brown floral wallpaper are a popular choice with clients concerned with the psychological effects of colors.

This particular brown floral wallpaper design is also available at Wallpaper Kenya in other colors.

In Feng Shui, brown is the color of nature, food and the circle of life, and such brown floral wallpaper are perfectly suited to the kitchen and living room areas; anywhere people gather and food is prepared and eaten.

Besides the abstract brown flower wallpaper, we have other realistic brown flower wallpaper. In real life, there are many popular species of flower, such as the chrysanthemum and rose, that come in shades of brown color, said to represent warmth and stability. Brown flowers wallpaper make a wonderful gift for a new house as they invite balance and comfort into the home.

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