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Animal wallpaper for walls

Animal wallpaper for walls


Animal wallpaper for walls are not common but we strive to stock them. Although Kenya is a tourist country spurred by animal wildlife, remember as of today Kenya does not manufacture wallpaper. As far as animal wallpaper for walls is concerned, Wallpaper Kenya, like the Library of Congress, desires will strive to have all and every design within reach. No country in Africa does. I am sure we are going to see more of animal wallpaper for walls as Kenya and other African countries take to producing wallpaper. All around Africa, from Congo forest, the Serenget and Maasai Mara, to the depths of the Indian ocean, the animal kingdom has provided us with some truly extraordinary sights and livelihood.

Do not wonder so what? Even the wallpaper producing countries such as United States of Africa has some form of Animal Wilde-life. That is true. Now, the best Animal wallpaper are the ones that are scenic. That is to say, in other word, animal wallpaper murals. A true wallpaper mural is hard to achieve on wallpaper. This is because wallpaper comes in a universal standard size or either 53cm or 1 meter wide or there about. That mean s wallpaper has of essence, repeat patterns. True animal wallpaper murals have no repeat patterns.

All true animal wallpaper murals are therefore custom-made from scratch to your exact wall dimensions. That means whether you’re redesigning your bathroom or adding a twist to your child’s room, we can create something truly unique to you. The whole process, from order and payment to installation, take about two weeks and costs Ksh 8000 per squire meter at the moment for we do this in Italy. We are yet to identify a local large format press with the requisite material, skill and passion to explore this. How do not hesistate to call us and find out how far we have progress on the subject of Animal wallpaper for walls.

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