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Beautiful flower wallpaper

Beautiful flower wallpaper


Beautiful floral wallpaper are a safe choice: you can't really go wrong with a floral accent or two in a room. Of course, too much floral wallpaper can sometimes feel a little too saccharine or too busy. And you definitely don't want to go overboard with beautiful floral wallpaper on all the walls in a room.

But generally speaking, a beautifully flower patterned wall covering can be a classic item that will have tons of decorative bang. Beautiful floral motifs wall coverings have evolved quite a bit over the years.

In the 1960s the stuffier, prim-and-proper floral wallpaper became liberated in this era of "Flower Power." Large-scale beautiful floral wallpaper started trending in the 1960s, and you could find them on walls throughout homes, even in kitchens. Quieter ditsy flower prints started gaining in popularity around this time as well.

By the '70s, things started getting super groovy in fashion and interiors design. Think even bigger, bolder beautiful flower wallpaper in saturated colors, especially the big hues of the decade: Muatard, orange and avocado. On the whole, the flowers of this decade appear to be more stylized than realistic, probably owing to '60s Pop Art influence.

The '80s floral wallpaper motifs were used very liberally at this juncture in time—it wouldn't be uncommon to see floral bedding, floral drapery, and floral wall coverings all in the same room.

By the time the early 2000s rolled around, beautiful floral wallpaper trends were kind of a mix of everything from decades past, which actually still feels like the case today.

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