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Bedroom murals

Bedroom murals


The bedroom wall mural in this picture is a simple standard size bedroom mural wallpaper that goes for 600 Kenya shillings per square meter. I call it simple because as you can see the pattern is one repeated many times over. But you can have a bedroom wall mural of any design you want. You may want a beach scene, or a forest, or sunset, or a picture of your family, without repeat pattern and that we will achieve.

The bedroom mural wallpaper in this picture, though beautiful, is cheap because it is reprinted and reproduced in thousands of rolls. A customized bedroom wall mural will cost you 3000 shillings per square meter or roughly 30k to 40k for the feature wall. With that, all you have to do is give us the high definition picture of the image you want to appear on the mural, give us the height and the breadth of your bedroom feature wall and you have the mural up in a couple of days.

Customized bedroom mural at Wallpaper Kenya are printed of a durable fabric that is washable, removable and reusable. There is nothing better you can do to your bedroom walls other than customized bedroom wall mural. While what you see in the picture above are jointed panels of wallpaper, your customized bedroom mural will come in one seamless panel to fill the whole wall.

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