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Black brick wallpaper

Black brick wallpaper


Black bricks wallpapers now available at Wallpaper Kenya are rare and provide you with the opportunity to make your home or office one-of-a-kind. Black bricks wallpaper makes good accent tones by bordering other colors. Black bricks wallpaper can give a decidedly modern appearance and can also be made to look traditional or even historical. As the darkest of neutral-colored bricks, black bricks wallpaper go well with a wide variety of colors.

Black brick wallpaper interior walls will give you a special charm and dramatic ambiance in every room where it is installed. It will create elegance and sophistication and will transform your living room into a fascinating and modern space.

We have a couple of different shades of quality black bricks wallpapers at Wallpaper Kenya for you to choose from. We recommend that you visit us to view the hard copy catalogs. Don't forget that soft copies sometimes do distort colors and may not possibly capture certain details such as texture. Remember that computer monitors vary in color, and that viewing a sample in person before making any decisions is highly recommended.

Different designs of black brick wallpaper

Black brick wallpaper are less common than other designs of wallpaper, and they come in as many different shades as the minerals they mimic and are named after. They can be difficult to recognize. But by carefully observing such things as grain, color and texture, you can easily identify many black rocks the black brick wallpapers mimic.

1.Augite black brick wallpaper design: Augite is the usual black or brownish-black pyroxene mineral of the dark igneous rocks and some high-grade metamorphic rocks. Any of a large class of rock-forming silicate minerals, generally containing calcium, magnesium, and iron and typically occurring as prismatic crystals.

2. Biotite black brick wallpaper design: This design is shiny, flexible flakes of a deep black or brownish-black color.

3.Hematite black brick wallpaper design; Hematite, an iron oxide, is the most common black or brownish-black mineral in sedimentary and low-grade meta-sedimentary rocks.

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