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Glossy black wallpaper

Glossy black wallpaper


Wallpaper Kenya has black wallpaper designs in different shades and textures. Notice the embossed texture of the glossy black wallpaper pictured here in stock in our Nairobi go-down. . We have other textures of solid color glossy black wallpapers too. We also have black & white wallpaper, and other combinations of black and other colors.

What is the beauty of a black wallpaper? A black wall-covering is authoritative and powerful. Use black wallpaper sparingly since black evokes strong emotions, too much can be overwhelming. In color theory black represents a lack of color, the primordial void, emptiness. In different parts of the world or in different cultures a black wallpaper, as indeed any other wallpaper, will take a different meaning. The following are some of the effects and meanings of the color black to most people but also to different people.

  • black makes one feel inconspicuous
  • it provides a restful emptiness
  • black is mysterious and evokes a sense of potential and possibility.
  • Black, whether in wallpaper or paint is a fantastic color for interior decorators. Rich glossy black wallpaper & paint finishes are very popular in Japanese design. In interior decoration, black combined with red and white, provides a very striking look.

Where do you use a black wallpaper?

First of all, it is important to note that black is not technically a color, it is a neutral, but we will call it a color for ease of use. I dare say a block color black wallpaper alone is not a popular choice for walls as the color is very enclosing and intimidating, but works well as an accent color.

A black wallpaper is dramatic and provides the greatest contrast when teamed with white.

Black damask wallpapers with metallic gold, silver, copper and brass create opulent looks.

Being a neutral black wallpaper can team up with any color, and in the right combination and balance can have a striking effect in any room.

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