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Blue and white wallpaper

Blue and white wallpaper


This blue and white wallpaper creates a bedroom that feels layered and lush—thanks to clever use of pattern and texture. Blue and white color combination in this pattern creates a bright, happy, and fresh. It is so fresh, the kind of wallpaper you can use on all the walls in a room. Blue and white will work in the living room, dining room or bed.

With the blue and white wallpaper you can brighten the room further with lacquered ceiling -blue or blue bedspreads as in this case. When you have candles going, in a blue and white wallpaper dining room, it’s really elegant.

Though this room's simple color two color scheme may make it appear simple at first glance, the details texture and patterns, 3d optical illusion ultimately makes the room feel so perfect.

Peruse through Wallpaper Hardcopy catalogs for more of different designs and textures of blue and white wallpaper design to suite different settings.

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