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D20204 floral damask wallpaper

D20204 floral damask wallpaper


D20204 floral damask wallpaper is one of scores of floral damask wallpapers in our stock. Please peruse our online shop at this website to view a few more floral damask designs and colors. Better still visit us at our stores for a comprehensive view of our hard-copy catalogs.

Most damask design wallpaper are floral commonly featuring patterns of flowers, fruit, and other designs. It is interesting to note that there is a real life flower know as The Damask Rose. Perhaps the damask rose featured in wallpaper is the best fitting of the description floral damask wallpaper.

Damask Rose is a shrub growing to 2.2 meters tall, the stems densely armed with stout, curved prickles and stiff bristles. The leaves of Damask Rose plant are pinnate, with five (rarely seven) leaflets. The roses are a light to moderate pink to light red. The relatively small flowers grow in groups. The bush has an informal shape.

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