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Football wall mural

Football wall mural


For your football wall mural get your football teams grounds on your wall with our full wall mural wallpaper printing technology or go for an action shot and feel like you are part of the game.

For some of us football is more than just a sport. In Kenya football has become a way of life for many, both players and fans. One of the most effective ways of decorating the room of a football fan is a custom full wall football wall mural wallpaper now available in Nairobi from Wallpaper Kenya. There are other ways too including football window curtains also available at Wallpaper Kenya. All our wall murals are custom made and all you have to do is to provide us with a high resolution picture of your foot team or whatever football images you want for your football wall mural. We will produce the same in one seamless contentious sheet of fabric that is hard to wear, is removable and reusable.

One interior decor idea is to mount a huge full wall image showing a scene of a football game or anything else football-related on the focal or feature wall. As for the rest of the room, a few subtle accents with color undertones of the football wall mural should be enough.

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