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Gold wallpaper

Gold wallpaper


Luxury Gold wallpapers at Wallpaper Kenya are available in plain gold wallpaper, metallic gold, light gold, white gold and rose gold wallpaper. Plain gold wallpaper as pictured above is the color of success, achievement and triumph. Golden interior decor creates a relaxing, cozy atmosphere in the room. Pick this shade of gold wallpaper to easily give your room a sophisticated design, bohemianism and solemnity, and this, in turn, will fit into the concept of almost any stylistic trend.

Color combinations of gold wallpaper appear in mostly damask designs in red & gold wallpaper, black & gold wallpaper, white & gold, gold & silver, cream & gold, blue & gold, pink & gold, purple & gold wallpaper, brown & gold wallpaper and other combinations.

When it comes to adding gold and glitz, the power of the overall effect is in the placement. Don’t overdo it, purposefully placed gold wallpaper accent pieces throughout the house will deliver the sleek and subtle glamour your home deserves.

Like the actual metal gold that does not rust, our gold wallpaper will not change color in decades due to oxidation. It does not oxidize. Just like real gold does not corrode and so it became a symbol of immortality and power in many cultures, so does our wallpaper. The wallpaper's rarity and aesthetic qualities made it ideal for you to demonstrate power and good taste.

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