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Graffiti wall mural wallpaper

Graffiti wall mural wallpaper


Graffiti wallpaper, now in stock at Wallpaper Kenya, will not only add color and style to your walls but will also give your home or club an unexpected dose of excitement. Graffiti wallpaper art has come a long way from its illegal street origins, and today homeowners and designers are more than happy to borrow from this unique and vivacious art form in order to infuse some life into modern interiors. Graffiti wallpapers have evolved alongside hip-hop music.

What makes graffiti wallpaper in your home or club unexpected excitement is that out door graffiti is form of visual communication, usually illegal, involving the unauthorized marking of public space. Graffiti wallpaper mimics this art and takes the form drawings or words. Out door graffiti, usually done without a property owner's permission, is considered vandalism.

To illustrate how far the art of graffiti wall murals has come in Kenya, Meet Bankslave who hails from Kibera informal settlements or slum, and is known as the founding father of Kenyan graffiti street art. For about 2 decades, Bankslave has been making social and political commentary graffiti on Nairobi's street walls. However, his work has extended far beyond Nairobi. For instance, in March and April, he and his fellow Nairobi street artists were in Australia to showcase this African mural art.

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