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Green floral wallpaper desgn

Green floral wallpaper desgn


The exact same deign as the green floral wallpaper design pictured here is available in other floral wallpaper colors too. Bold, abstract green floral patterns like this one pose a great way to liven up an entryway or stairwell. Green floral wallpaper sends a message of optimism and renewal.

A green floral wallpaper is a very safe choice for use in any room reason being it will not crash with any other colors. Green flowers are synonymous with nature and the perfect complement to any other bloom. A green floral wallpaper sends a message of health, resilience, good fortune and youth.

Some or real life green flowers include green rose flowers. Green roses are not that rare, but they are very unusual. They are true rose flowers, but unlike other varieties of roses, they don't have petals - they only have sepals which are green.

In real life there are certain green colored flowers but these are not abundant. There are not much green flowers in real life because flowers are the reproductive organs of a plant. Chlorophyll makes parts of a plant green, especially the leaves, which is mainly for photosynthesis. Most of the chlorophyll are present in leaves. Most flowers are more colorful than green, flowers have to be attractive to attract pollinators. Hence, most of the flowers are not green in color.

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