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LCPE180-0105 Red Brick Wallpaper

LCPE180-0105 Red Brick Wallpaper


The red brick wallpaper in the living room is an faux expression of the rich, historic past of the building and a blend of the past and the present. For others, the red brick wallpaper is a way to add elegance and personality to an otherwise boring interior dominated by glass and stone. Let us know what a red brick wallpaper means to you.

Brick wallpaper brings to mind the early civilizations which were built with bricks, from their roads to their buildings, such as Ur (4,000 B.C.), in what is now Iraq. The red brick wallpaper mimics bricks, a simple and sturdy building material, easy to install and need very little upkeep. You can make your own red construction bricks, creating your project from beginning to end but its much easier to achieve the effect with red brick wallpaper.

Real red bricks are man made. Red bricks are made by pouring clay and soil mixture into a wheelbarrow or trough. Wheelbarrows are used for larger batches and the troughs for smaller batches. The best red brick are composed of 40 percent soil and 60 percent clay.

Water is added to the soil and clay mixture, slowly and gradually. The mixture should hold a shape, but be soft enough to fill the mold. To give the red brick form or shape, pour the mixture of clay, soil and water into the molds. If you're using a row mold, a series of openings for several bricks, pour steadily but quickly across all the bricks so they'll be ready at the same time.

Leaving the bricks in the molds for 30 to 45 minutes in the sun will dry them a little, enough to give them form. Turn the molds out onto the drying racks or trays. Leave them out in the sun for six months or until the edges begin to turn white.

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