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Large Wall Mural Wallpaper

Large Wall Mural Wallpaper


Large wall mural at Wallpaper Kenya are printed on special order @3000 per square meter supply and installation. All our large wall murals, full wall wall murals are custom made. As the leading wallpaper suppliers in Kenya, we're passionate about beautiful Large wall mural wallpaper and believe that our high quality large wall mural wallpaper are the best way to bring together stunning imagery and design in creative interior spaces. The beauty of our Large wall murals is that we print on very high quality fabric material that is removable and reusable. Above all we do this on a continuous sheet of fabric we opposed to wall murals of small jointed pieces, Large wall murals on large (interior and exterior) are the ideal for promotional and interior decoration purposes, and as a method to deter graffiti.

Modern large wall murals can be abstract or realistic and can be placed in public places, inside private homes and in outdoor rooms. Foyers, hallways, children's rooms, game rooms, basements and bedrooms are some of the areas ideal to hang large wall murals. Make a permanent statement in you house with a large wall mural on the otherwise blank or unused walls,

Large Wall Murals are frequently one-of-a-kind, dramatic and eye catching, a unique alternative to ordinary wallpaper or wall art. They become part of the room rather than something hung on the wall, showcasinh the room's architectural features as well as yout homeowner's personality.

Visit Wallpaper Kenya for large water falls murals for residential houses and hotels, large Scenery murals for offices and real estate projects and large nature murals for any space you like. The quality of our murals is a hundredfold better than paint. Unlike paint which gets dull with age our murals do not oxidize and are therefore tenfold longer lasting, they are washable, waterproof, removable,reusable, anti fade and anti fungal and does not affect the wall coat when removed. They are of beautiful scenery e.g waterfall, sunset, beaches, mountains, patterns etc and are available in limitless designs and in different textures.Hurry and get yours Today!

Thank you to large format mural wallpaper printing technology you can now get these priceless imagery for say 3k per sq meter a wall. Free hand cost of the same would cost you hundreds of thousands and a long time to achieve the same.

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