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MT-22123 Rustic red brick wallpaper

MT-22123 Rustic red brick wallpaper


Our Rustic red brick wallpaper is very realistic with wonderful design details. This rustic red brick wallpaper adds a unique, perfectly imperfect touch to any room — it has an organic character not found in plain drywall and can suit modern, traditional, eclectic or contemporary spaces equally well.

A rustic red brick wallpaper tells an age-old interior love story that is warm, romantic and perfect for creating cozy homes. Red brick is classic, timeless and reminiscent. The radiating warmth of a red brick wallpaper pairs wonderfully with rich blues and neutrals because it is a bold color with an energizing visual presence in itself. The mix of light and dark hues in the red brick wallpaper gives you a lot of room for play on neutral tones.

A real red brick as imitated by the red brick wallpaper has several qualities. One of the qualities is its beautiful natural and earthy red color. The water absorption of a good red brick does not exceed 20 percent of its dry weight when kept immersed in water for 24 hours.

Red bricks are made of clay bricks and have been used all over the world in every class and kind of buildings. Good quality red bricks have the capacity to resists atmospheric effects. In Kenya and other places where plenty of clay is available, brickwork is cheaper. But nowadays natural soil is scarce and hence we have to find alternative such as the red brick wallpaper.

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