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MT-2224 Vintage Brick wallpaper

MT-2224 Vintage Brick wallpaper


There is not much difference between vintage brick wallpaper and today's brick wallpaper as brick is timeless. Although my search for vintage wallpaper results in damask design wallpapers, I would classify most natural brick design wallpapers as vintage wallpaper.

If in your search for vintage wallpaper you want classic wallpaper that was valued years back, is valued today and will continue to be valued, the brick wallpaper passes the test. The natural beauty of brick wallpaper is timeless. Having said that, I strongly agreed damasks wallpaper is also vintage wallpaper and I have a strong feeling, without any doubt, time will tell, wood effect wallpaper is set to be vintage wallpaper.

Real vintage or antique wallpaper, brick or otherwise, old rolls of wallpaper can be hard to find in Kenya but are available in some antique stores in Europe and flea markets. Most of these are from Victoria Era when wallpaper was unheard of in Kenya.

You can make your own antique wallpaper if you are in a position to get old wallpaper sample booklets and sample rolls and old sample wallpaper borders. A scrap of old wallpaper or wallpaper border adds an intriguing layer of color, pattern and texture to a collage.

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