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Marble design wallpaper LCPX150-5803

Marble design wallpaper LCPX150-5803


The marble design wallpaper, also known as marble contact paper, helps you achieve marble look in your home while keeping things affordable. Marble contact paper is self adhesive, easy to fix. These faux marble designs textured wallpapers achieve all the decor of real marble without the need of a big renovation project or the expense of sourcing and installing real marble.

The marble contact paper is easily installed directly over existing panels or smooth surfaces such as wooden table tops, concrete walls, gypsum partition walls, kitchen backslashes and bathroom backslashes as it is waterproof, hard wearing and high temperature resistant.

Some of the uses of marble contact paper is to line shelves and the inside of cabinets. It adheres so well and is hard to wear and tear removing it from wood is a difficult and time-consuming job but it is not impossible. To remove marble contact paper from wood you must apply heat to soften the adhesion. A hair blow dryer set to the highest heat setting will do the trick.

After holding the blow dryer one inches away from the corner of the marble contact paper for two minutes, pull back the corner of the contact paper until you reach the area that was not heated. Heat the next section of paper and pull back the paper from the heated and keep repeating this process until you've removed all the paper.

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