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Orange wallpaper design

Orange wallpaper design


All orange wallpaper designs match light and dark brown color shades. Orange wallpaper designs for walls are great for designing an accent wall. Orange wallpaper designs add charm and romantic atmosphere to modern interior design and decorating, while creating exciting rooms. To determine where you can successful install orange wallpaper it is important to know the effect of the color. The color orange is derived by mixing red and yellow and thus orange wall-covering combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. You can be assured that orange wallpaper will create joy as sunshine does, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, encouragement, and stimulation. For these effects, orange wall-covering is highly accepted among young people. As a citrus color, an orange wallpaper is suitable for use in dining rooms and restaurants; is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite.

An orange wallpaper will have very high visibility, you may use it to highlight and catch attention of the most important elements of your interior design and architecture. Use orange wallpaper to effectively promote food products and toys stores.

An ideal use of orange wallpaper is to add warmth to a reception room, for instance with an accented wall. Predominantly white living spaces will also get a lift from one plain mid-orange wallpaper wall. If the room has plenty of natural light you can get away with two accented orange wallpaper walls without the look becoming over done.

A fitness studio or gym benefits most from orange wallpaper designs as the color orange evokes excitement and enthusiasm, and is an energetic color. While an orange wallpaper design in not the best idea for a living room or for bedrooms, it is great for a gym or an exercise room; it will bring out all the emotions that you need released during your fitness routine.

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