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Photo mural wallpaper

Photo mural wallpaper


Photo mural wallpaper available from wallpaper Kenya is the best wall decoration you could possibly have. All our photo mural wallpaper are customized and you have a limitless choice of photo images to adorn your walls, from water falls, trees and forests scenery, abstract art, beaches, space and more. All Wallpaper Kenya photo wallpaper murals are custom made to measure so they fit your walls perfectly.

The size alone of a full wall photo mural wallpaper makes the image eye catching, and make your images and message really pop. This demands attention from your public audience and customers-old and new.

Because photo murals wallpaper are unique, used in business settings, they make a bold personal statement about your store. Well chosen and thoughtfully used photo mural, will certainly help your brand and logo make a positive impression on your customers and your other public. The price quoted here is for supply only when printed in Kenya. When done locally it is done on strips measuring a meter wide wish are joined on the wall when fixing. We can also do in Italy whereby it comes in one seamless sheet at a cost of Ksh 8000 per squire meter.

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