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Plain grey wallpaper

Plain grey wallpaper


As well as this plain grey wallpaper, light plain grey wallpaper we have dark grey plain wallpaper and combinations of other colors with grey. A mix between black and white, a gray wallpaper is neutral. The varying shades of grey wallpaper, whether light grey or dark charcoal, make grey as versatile as any color. Here's how to use grey wallpapers and how to decorate with grey as an accent color.

If you use light grey wallpaper in the living it will give a wonderful compliment to bright palette of orange and green within the room. The seats and the walls can both be grey but let the seats be many shades darker than the wallpaper, so they stand out against the walls. To tie the room together you may use an area rug or carpet that contains all of the hues used in the room, being the wallpaper, seats and curtains.

To liven up a grey wallpapered living room used silver, gold, and lots of patterned accessories. Grey wallpaper marries well with silver and is also the perfect bridge between black and white color schemes and can be used to soften the high contrast the two. Break up large expanses of white walls with grey wallpaper to create visual interest while maintaining a clean, neutral aesthetic.

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