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ROM-1172 White brick wallpaper

ROM-1172 White brick wallpaper


White brick wallpaper, mimicking the classic material white brick, holds a level of timelessness that allows a home to stay fashionable throughout the decades. A room with all walls white brick wallpaper can be bright and airy reinforcing the contrast between light and dark. To get a white brick wall effect you dont have opt for actual bricks, choose white brick wallpaper to avoid brick wall installation cost.

Lighten up an industrial loft or apartment by installing white brick wallpaper! The look is every bit as modern, yet not as heavy. Ask for more white brick wallpaper designs and also visit our website at

Rustic designs such as the exposed white brick wallpaper have been increasing in popularity, especially for kitchens. Rustic white brick wallpaper is considered charming and nearly romantic.

Add to this by using white—the color of purity—and the texture of bricks. The white brick wall can be used to hold spices and fresh herbs, giving the wall an even more natural and rustic look and feel.

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