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Red and white floral wallpaper

Red and white floral wallpaper


To appreciate the beauty red and white floral, visit Little Red at the Yaya Centre and take a look at their display decor. White combines with everything and more so with red as in this well balanced red and white wallpaper, with more white than red.

The white in this floral wallpaper, while technically not a color, will go with almost any other color. Likewise Red, as a primary color, can be used in conjunction with many others colors.

To me, this red and white flowers wallpaper looks stunning in the bedroom, It is really all about taste, whatever you like.

Red and white is very eye catching, the reason why it is used so much in advertising. Most famous of these kind of branding is an American company going by the same name, Red & White.

Red & White was the first store brand for grocery merchandise, food products, beverages and household supplies. It was first launched on cans of coffee in 1908 and was named after the color on the store shelves, Red & White.

The Red & White Wholesale Corporation that grew from first store in Buffalo, supplied groceries to independent grocery stores, and during World War I, the pressure on the small stores increased as food was rationed. By this time the company was operating as its own chain of retail stores, as well as the wholesale operation supplying other retailers.

Today, there are thousands of Red & White products serving as the primary independent grocery stores across the United States.

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