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Removable wall murals

Removable wall murals


Removable wall murals at Wallpaper Kenya are printed on fabric, hard to tear. There are many benefits to mounting removable wall murals over traditional mural. Some of the most important benefits of removable wall murals: Obviously removable wall murals are great for apartment decor or rental house where you want to be able to remove the mural before moving out, but it is certainly not the only benefit. Removable wall murals are also easy to install, if you make a mistake while installing, you can remove it and start again. There are many benefits including the fact that after removal you can move with it andreuse it in your new home. The fabric we use for removable wall murals is continuous, therefore seamless, no jointing. All our removable wall murals are custom made. You can either choose from our catalogs or provide us with your own artwork in a high resolution soft copy and we will blow it up to the exact size of your wall in one sheet.

In Kenya now, removable wall murals are getting popular in homes, private hospitals, apartments and and all manner of interior spaces. The popularity of removable wall wall mural is fast developing due to its great aesthetic, cost effectiveness as well as easy installation and purposefulness.

Removable wall murals allows you to redecorate your home or space as frequently as you want and easily. You can quickly remove the wall mural without any mess, then install a new one—all within the same day. Your visitor will be kept on their toes every time they walk through the front door.

Removable wall murals are a great option for people in rental houses, who want to personalize their space and have easy removal when time comes to lease. What's more, It's great for nurseries and children's rooms, you can easily change decor as your child grows with changing tastes.

Removal wall mural are friendly to businesses because they can decorate for the seasons and then easily take their mural down very fast..

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