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S-20191 3d Wallpaper for walls

S-20191 3d Wallpaper for walls


This grey faux leather 3D wallpapers for walls gives the illusion of added depth. This particular faux leather 3d wallpaper design or pattern and texture comes in various colors to suit your different rooms. 3d wallpaper for walls enhances the illusion of depth perception, hence adding a third dimension. What else in interior decoration does carry more elements of interior decoration than a 3d wallpaper for walls? Non.

You easily add texture, depth and intrigue to any room by using faux leather 3D wallpaper for walls. The colors and designs of these wallpapers include kid-friendly patterns and also other elegant 3D designs.

Faux leather 3D wallpaper for walls really make an accent wall pop, but feel free to use this type of wallpaper to cover an entire room for maximum effect.

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