Kids wallpaper

Kids wallpaper at Wallpaper Kenya can be classified into 3 categories, Boys nursery Wallpaper, Girls Nursery and Unisex Nursery Wallpaper. Most sort after Children Wallpaper in Kenya either depict Children Toys or Children Disney Characters such as Spider-man Wallpaper for baby boys' bedrooms and Cinderella Wallpaper for baby girls rooms. Others are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Frozen, Snow White, McQueen and many more. However these Disney characters are not available in wallpaper but we have them in children curtains and bedding's. As well as considering baby nursery wallpaper in decorations that match the overall style of your home consider kid's curtains to match with the wallpaper and of a black-out nature for the windows to protect the baby from external light while sleeping.

Spider man Wallpaper
Superman Wallpaper
Polka dot wallpaper
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