3D wallpapers

3D wallpapers at Wallpaper Kenya are meant to give the illusion of added depth. The collection features 3d geometrical patterns and nature such as wood effects, stone effect and brick effect wallpapers !

Our 3D Wallpaper are designed for your home wall to trick the eye and delight your guests by creating the illusion of depth and space. That is always a major goal of all interior decorators. Use of 3d wallpaper for walls makes the most beautiful effect of your house interiors. Sometimes, the space you’re working with is ideally set up and all it takes is a couple of 3d wallpaper to completely transform it.

If you’re not aware of how much of an impact 3d wallpaper design maneuvers can make, you’re in luck, it is the every interior decorator's secret weapon. Below we’ve outlined four of the most common illusions, as well as how to you can pull them off in your own home. Wallpaper Kenya collection includes kid-friendly patterns, featuring building blocks, macaroons and more, as well as more elegant 3D wallpaper designs that play with texture, and also natural brick designs. Expertly installed, they create the illusion that your walls have more than two dimensions, therefore adding depth, space and texture to your rooms.

Our 3d wallpaper are simply amazing on the walls, the look that will get, when you set this kind of wallpaper, it will provide pleasant atmosphere in room where you spend most of your time when you are home with your family members. Unusual patterns, protrusions, landscapes, all that will contribute to the luxurious look of your living room. High quality and stylish wallpaper, will adorn your living room at affordable rates and very fast installation.