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Slate wallpaper

Slate wallpaper


Slate wallpaper is now available in Nairobi from Wallpaper Kenya. Why is slate wallpaper so popular? Slate in its natural state has historically been used for many decorative and utilitarian purposes including wall decor, shingles, roofing and paving tiles. Slate wallpaper is a faux brick or stone wallpaper. Slate rock makes plates, picture frames, coasters, trivets, beads and jewelry. Slate is a fine-grained, foliated rock that is created by the alteration of mud-stone by low-grade regional metamorphism. Slate is tough and decorative thus is popular for a wide variety of uses such as flooring, and flagging because of its durability and attractive appearance. Slate is also used to make fountains. The relatively flat and receptive surface of slate makes it fairly easy to write on with materials like chalk or charcoal. Slate has been used to make chalkboards for classrooms. Some artists use slate as a natural canvas.

Slate wallpaper mimics natural slate rock colors and characteristics. Most slates wallpapers are thus gray in color and range in shades from light to dark gray. Just like natural slate also occurs in shades of green, red, black, purple, and brown, so does slate wallpapers. In nature, color of slate is often determined by the amount and type of iron and organic material that are present in the rock.

If you are aiming for a rustic or urban feel to your home or office, visit us at Wallpaper Kenya and take a look at our impressive range of Brick, Stone & Slate Wallpaper.

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