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Spider man Wallpaper

Spider man Wallpaper


Spider man wallpaper from Wallpaper Kenya in your baby boy bedroom will inspire him to have courage and bravery. Superman wallpaper comes from a fictional superhero from a comic book published on April 18, 1938. Superman character appears regularly in American comic books and has been adapted for radio shows, newspaper strips, television and now boy's wallpaper.

In the story, Superman was born on a different planet, and as a baby boy was sent to planet Earth in a small spaceship by his scientist father moments before Krypton, his planet of birth, was destroyed in a natural cataclysm. His ship landed in the American countryside, where he was discovered and adopted and imbued with a strong moral compass. He developed super human abilities, which he resolved to use for the benefit of humanity. The superman wallpaper will make your child feel like superman. Want to help humanity.

Superman popularized the superhero genre and defined its conventions. He is depicted with selflessness, humility, patience and as caring. We hope that the Superman wallpaper will inspire your baby boy to explore more on the super hero as the story has many moral lesson's for the baby boy to have fun and learn.

There might be variations in the Superman wallpaper images but It will look more or less like the design you see on the wall in this boys bedroom picture. We also have a set of Spider man pictures on wall stickers and a separate word "Spider man" The whole set goes for Ksh 500 only and you can stick it at home yourself. We have many other stickers for boys room as different stickers for girls room. We also have disney characters children's curtains.

Here is a just but one of the many moral teachings your baby boy will learn from the Spider-man super hero story to help you decide to install the Spider-man wallpaper for him.

1. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) thought that he was ready to be an Avenger. He didn't know that he still had so much to learn. By disabling the Training Wheels Protocol on the Spider-Man suit, he messed up because he couldn't handle the new features of the suit at its full potential. He should have just waited for Tony Stark (Iron Man) or Happy Hogan to give him his next mission before trying to do really dangerous stuff like taking down the Vulture.

The moral teaching here is that sometimes we may feel frustrated that we seem to be stuck and are not moving forward in life. There's probably a lesson to be learnt in our current situation, and once we learn it, only then can we be promoted to the next level.

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