striped wallpapers

Stripes wallpaper has more than meets the eye. Horizontal stripes wallpaper will visually widen a small narrow room. Vertical stripes wallpaper makes a low ceiling seem taller. A small room will open up with the use of big prints stripes wallpaper. While it’s hard to go wrong with stripes wallpaper, we’ve often underestimated their power to instantly transform a room. Stripes create an optical illusion that can change the look and size of a space—visual trickery is what stripes wallpaper can do for a room.

Stripes wallpaper makes a statement that is as timeless as it is eye-catching. Endlessly versatile, banded lines wallpaper can dramatically transform your interiors depending on how you use them. A tight blue-and-white ticking stripes wallpaper pattern has the effect a crisp and breezy interior—the design equivalent of a summer day spent at the shore. The beauty of stripes wallpaper lies in the details: the width and length and number of the stripes, but also, and perhaps more important, the application.