Wallpaper Kenya (interior designers)

Wallpaper Kenya is an Interior design firm and a founding member of the Association of Designers of Kenya, a professional body and the learned society of Designers of Kenya that co-operates with national, regional and other international associations in promoting, developing and applying professional practices and standards of design. We have metamorphosed from wallpaper interior decor firm into a full fledged interior design firm but retain the lead as a supplier and distributor of wallpaper to the interior design industry in Kenya and East Africa. In addition to wallpaper interior decoration, supply and distribution, we do interior design and built. In wallpaper distribution we work with scores of interior designers whom we supply with wallpaper for interior walls.
From these pool of interior designers we have the finest designers for your space planing lay office, residence, kitchen, cabinetry,ceiling, flooring...design and built.
Wallpaper Kenya is a pioneer of modern luxury wallpaper interior design in Nairobi. Wallpaper Kenya has been distributing luxury interior decoration wallpaper in Nairobi for the last 15 years. We are proud to have unrivaled collection of classic luxury and new wallpaper designs. What makes a beautiful space in interior design? A beautifully interior designed space incorporates texture, patterns, color, depth and a focal point to create a layered and well-designed scheme. Every Interior Designer knows that. There are several ways to treat your walls and ceilings. However modern interior decor wallpaper for walls & ceiling wallpaper alone are the only undisputed method by which you can achieve all of these powerful interior design qualities, texture, patterns, color & depth together as a single package. Modern interior design wallpaper is the easiest and least expensive way to drastically transform a space without needing many of the other interior design elements. Wallpaper Kenya is on record as the driver of the Renaissance of modern wallpaper Interior Design in Kenya as captured by the national print and electronic media.