frequently asked questions


Q1. Are wallpapers more expensive than paint?

Initially, wallpapers were more expensive than paint but when you look at it in the long term, they are cheaper. Paints are oxidized after two to three years and need a fresh coat, but wallpapers remain colorful for decade years. I change wallpaper for a company called Carton Manufacturers in Nairobi which had been on the walls for 30 years. With the advent of technology, the cost of wallpaper, like the cost of computers, is reducing.

Q2. What is the cost of good wallpaper?

A good quality wallpaper will cost approximately Sh2,500 per five-metre square while a customised wallpaper costs around Sh6,500 per five-metre square. All these costs are labour inclusive. – Kim Pravey

Q3. What are the advantages of wallpaper over paint?

The effect, texture and feel of a wallpaper can never be achieved with any paint. Wallpapers can be customised into what one wants. We have had clients who want family portraits, sceneries, stadiums and favourite football teams among others. This shows the versatility of wallpapers. Another advantage is that they keep a room warm. Wallpapers can last up to 25 years without being changed and above all, they are washable. Their designs also add life to the house

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