Price of wallpaper in Kenya & frequently asked questions


Q1. What is the price of Wallpaper in Kenya

The price of a good quality wallpaper for wall for wall decor is approximately Kenya shillings 2000 to 2500 per standard size roll 53 cm by 10 meters supply only. The price of the same wallpaper supply and installation is Kenya shillings 2500 to 3000. In other words, the cost of wallpaper is Sh 500 to 600 per square meter supply and installation. You can get lower prices than those for factory fault wallpaper if you don't mind the consistency of color but Wallpaper Kenya does not stock those. You can also get lower priced wallpaper from clearance sales but the problem of these is that they are usually one or two rolls hardly enough to fit one full wall but they are useful for smaller areas such as shoe racks and wardrobes or cupboards.
The price of bespoke wallpaper for wall decor, 3d customized wallpaper on canvas is about 3500 supply and installation. You can get lower prices, from around 2500 for cheap material than canvas. The beauty of 3d customized wallpaper is that it is reusable. You can pull it down and move with it when you move house. On the average one wall takes two to three roll of wallpaper. So a room with four walls will take 8 to 12 rolls. The price of hanging wallpaper on all the four walls will therefore be between Kenya shillings 20,000 and 36,000 depending on how big the walls are and which catalogs you choose from.

Q2. What is the price of wallpaper vs Paint?

Initially the price of wallpaper was many times higher than the price of paint. Wallpaper was for Kings and the the aristocracy. It is modern technology and the advancement of large for printing that has helped lower the price of wallpaper. Wallpaper is now affordable. When you look at the price of wallpaper as compared to the price of paint, in the long run, to me, wallpaper is cheaper. Wall paints get dull with age but wallpaper keeps shining for decades. Even though initially you will have to paint about a hundred shillings per square meter more for wallpaper than for flat off the self paint, in the long run you save with wallpaper. Again you can not compare the beauty, texture and patterns of wallpaper with paint. Now a days there are special effects paint such as stucco and textured paints that come closer to the beauty of wallpaper, but the price of such paints is three to four times higher than the price of wallpaper. Even though the price of flat paint might be lower than that of wallpaper, paint can only provide a color in a very limited spectrum of finishes from matte to glossy.…just to name a few. Paint chips and cracks over time, so you will need to reapply and touch up your paint job more often. In conclusion the cost of paint is higher than the cost of wallpaper.

Q3. What are the advantages of wallpaper?

The effect, texture and feel of a wallpaper can never be achieved with any paint. Wallpapers can be customized into what one wants. We have had clients who want family portraits, scenery, stadiums and favorite football teams among others. This shows the versatility of wallpapers. Another advantage is that they keep a room warm. Wallpapers can last up to 25 years without being changed and above all, they are washable. Their designs also add life to the house.
  • Wallpaper can last up to 25 years on the wall and beyond, which makes it cost-effective in the long run.( properly hung wallpaper will last 3 times as long as paint)
  • Wallpaper adheres easily hides many surface imperfections such as small cracks and dents.
  • Wallpaper keeps a house warm, adds depth and style to a room that monotone paint simply cannot achieve.
  • Beautiful designs, intriguing textures, and beautiful prints and patterns impact on the decor of a room.
  • Wallpaper creates a designer look in any space, and can also be applied to just one wall as a feature focal wall,

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