Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Island Design
Wallpaper Kenya has Kitchen Island Designers who design and build kitchen islands. A kitchen island is an unattached counter in a kitchen that permits access from all sides. Like an island in the sea. A kitchen island is a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the counter-top space and has a number of different uses. A kitchen island can be designed to serve for storage, food preparation, or dining space. It is common for home owners to order a freestanding mobile kitchen island designed to increase a kitchen’s food preparation area. An island is not of limited or specific dimensions, it can be sized appropriate to the kitchen space available. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Kenya, islands are the trend.

A kitchen island can serve as an extension to cooking area. We can add in another cook-top, hob, or prep sink.
We can remodel your kitchen to incorporate a kitchen island. Kitchen islands have not always been there in Kenya. This idea that cooking is fun and something you want to share with friends and family only progressed in the 1990s, when the task became less of a "housewife duty" and more of a pastime. The kitchen island really started to turn into a homey spot.

Homeowners now want a well designer and built kitchen they can play in, and that type of space doubles as a stage where they can show off their culinary expertise to their friends and family. That's where the kitchen island comes in. Where it once was a weathered table that was laden with dirty bowls and sauce spills, it now has become a modern-day parlor room.
At the kitchen island is where you chop tomatoes and talk about your day as your partner checks on what's simmering on the stove.

For a good look It is important to build a Kitchen island by whose base cabinets form or design matches all the other (existing) kitchen features. It is important to use the same materials as in the existing kitchen. In modern styled kitchens, we can design intricate kitchen islands by adding sinks and cooking surfaces to them. Though an island is an excellent opportunity to include more storage, there are some kitchen island designs that have no internal storage. Some have also liberally described a large permanently placed table as an island, but a true kitchen island should stand at a counter-top height that is uniform to the entire kitchen.

In most kitchens in Kenya there are not enough storage and other functionalities. Depending on the shortcomings of you kitchen, we can design a kitchen island to add to your storage, kitchen cabinetry or seating area. If your kitchen is lacking storage areas, we can design a kitchen island to solve that problem. With the option of additional drawers, pull out shelves, and cabinets, the kitchen island is an extension to your existing casework.
A kitchen island can be a functional and necessary addition to many kitchens in Kenya. The idea is to choose a kitchen island design that solves particular problems and one that fits the overall design of your kitchen. Counter-top surfaces, colors and accessories are factors to consider when designing your kitchen island style.
A kitchen island can act as informal dining area or it can act as additional seating when entertaining a guest. Wouldn't you love to have access to your family or guests while preparing meals? For a small kitchen, a counter extension into the adjacent room can act as an island.
One of the most appealing features of a kitchen island is the addition of more storage space if your kitchen has little. Wallpaper Kenya can design a kitchen island for you with cabinets or shelving underneath it. We offer you endless customized storage options.

If you cook a lot, you want a well organized kitchen having everything you need to use easy to find and reach. A kitchen island can be customized making cooking that much more of a pleasure. An island can fill up any of the five basic functions of a kitchen namely, storage, prep, cooking, serving, and washing up. If you have space, decide which role (or roles) your you want your kitchen island to fill and we will design and build it for you.

If need be, we you even consider adding a sink to your kitchen island for added food preparation area unless your kitchen is large enough. Of-course there are some kitchens that will simply not accommodate a kitchen island. Installing even a small island in a compact kitchen can adversely interrupt the workflow and destroy the functionality of your kitchen.

If you lack kitchen seating, and would entertain family and friends to sit while meals are being prepared, we can design a kitchen island to provide that. An island in the kitchen can be a great place for kids to do homework, and perhaps learn to cook too.

We can custom make your kitchen island on wheels making it portable and much easier to relocate according to your immediate needs. This freedom and versatility is very important in the kitchen. A portable kitchen island allows you to simply move the island wherever you need it. If you want a portable kitchen island, you need to find a permanent spot for it when not in use. Needless to say, it is a spacious kitchen that can greatly benefit from such a portable kitchen island by having a prep or counter space exactly where you need it when you need it.

Don't forget that providing additional storage and counter space with a kitchen island increases the value of your home, and as a design element, an island adds something special to an otherwise typical kitchen. If you would like to add a island into your kitchen re-modelling, call us or visit us at Wallpaper Kenya for design and build.

Kitchen Island Design