Solid color wallpaper

For those who prefer solid color wallpapers, you sometimes face the problem of our walls being lifeless or flat, because it is just a plain solid color. We are here to offer you another option for design and that is solid color textured wallpaper. Textured solid color wallpapers can do wonders to a room upon selection of the most appropriate one for your room.

The beauty of solid color wallpapers, also called plain color wallpaper or one color wallpapers, besides the color itself, is texture. With hundreds of shades of solid color wallpapers to choose from, go straight to the best for your particular room. Our tried solid colors wallpapers work for the pros, so they're sure to hit the right note in your home and office too. In most cases patterned wallpaper does not go very well on all four walls of a house. Use patterned wallpaper for one feature wall and use solid color wallpapers on all the other three walls. Solid white but textured wallpaper goes well with the ceiling.