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Toile wallpaper

Toile wallpaper


You will hardly find Toile Wallpaper anywhere else in Nairobi, Kenya. The reason being that not many people search for Toile wallpaper. Leave alone searching for Toile Wallpaper, few people are aware of the wallpaper design.

Toiles wallpapers are fine-lined designs in monochromatic pattern repeats depicting intricate scenes that are printed on usually off-white vinyl wallpaper. "Toile de Jouy", simply abbreviated "toile" pattern portion consists of a single color. Originally Toile was and still is mostly associated with fabrics though toile wallpaper is also popular to those who know the design.

Original Toile is a fabric, from the French word meaning "linen cloth" or "canvas", particularly cloth or canvas for painting on. The word "toile" can refer to the fabric itself, a test garment (generally) sewn from the same material, or a type of repeated surface decoration (traditionally) printed on the same fabric, and nowadays on wallpaper too.

Toile wallpaper are traditional and classic designs. Typically a classic toile wallpaper consists of a repeated pattern in a traditional colorway featuring a complex and intricate detailed scene, which often depicts the countryside. These days designers are taking toile wallpaper one step further, putting modern twists on a once very traditional pattern. They are playing with scale, color, and the pushing the boundaries with subject matter. After all, rules are made to be broken. But, only break the rules after you know them.

Toile design in wallpaper, fabric, canvas or elsewhere has survived the test of time, is classic and will always be with us whether used in Fashion or Home Decor. .

The design originated from the manufacture of printed cotton that grew very rapidly in France around 11700. Jouy-en-Josas south west of Paris was where it all began and the industry continued to grow as artists explored the use of different printing techniques. The decorative printed cotton started with pastoral scenes. Over time as the popularity for this product grew, the imagery expanded to include Chinese scenes to historical events of the time. It wasn’t too long before a few colors were introduced. Retaining its style as a single color printed on a white or cream background, there was no stopping where this motif could be applied.

Toile patterns, popular on tableware of the more affluent, it has also been used on everything from toile wallpaper to decorative fabric to footwear.

Toile wallpaper is predominantly black and white. That means you can incorporate toile wallpaper into a design with any other color.

Toile wallpaper can be found most commonly in back and white, burgundy and shades of blue.

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