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173 textured paintable wallpaper

173 textured paintable wallpaper


Textured Pain-table wallpaper has the big advantage of letting you choose the precise color you want rather than hope to find a wallpaper in the right color and shade, which allows for total design freedom. However, it is not a must you paint it if you don't have to. If you decide to paint, the is no special paint for it. You can use any paint. Please note, not all textured wallpaper are pain-table.

Most pain-table wallpaper are also textured, like here pictured: Plain textured paint-able wallpaper code 173. This wallpaper is textured, pain-table and patterned. It is paint-able to a color of your choice. We also have multicolored and pattern textured wallpaper that are not pain-table. Almost all our wallpapers are textured though we also in stock plain color smooth texture wallpaper. Example of textured but not pain-table wall in stock at Wallpaper Kenya are brick wallpaper, wood effects wallpaper, and geometric wallpaper.

All objects have texture. Either a smooth texture a rough texture. A smooth wallpaper is not referred to as textured wallpaper. Textured wallpaper is designed to feel rough on touch or to look three-dimensional. It adds depth to the wall or ceiling. At wallpaper Kenya we have textured wallpaper that look like stone, brick, wood, marble and more.

Use one of our textured paint-able wallpapers for the perfect color if you have an exact color you wish to have on the wall, such as corporate color for instance. Our paint-able wallpapers easily add the most important elements of a beautiful interior space namely texture, pattern & dimension to your walls while personalizing with exactly the right color by painting the wallpaper.

Textured Pain-table wallpaper is hang as you would hang any other wallpaper but allow it to rest for at least 36 hours after hanging to allow it to cure before painting on it. Painting on it before it is completely dray might cause bubbles.

Texture and color (in this case paint) are a big elements in interior decoration. To create visually appealing spaces, we apply various elements of design – line and shape, color (paint), texture & pattern, and light. Texture is the surface quality of the wallpaper. Every wallpaper has a texture whether it be smooth or rough, bumpy or flat. Our perception of textured wallpaper on the wall is also influenced by the textures of adjacent surfaces, our viewing distance, as well as the lighting applied. A rough wallpaper seem more textured next to smooth surfaces, when viewed up close, and when lit from the side.

A textured wallpaper can be described as either tactile or visual. Tactile textured wallpaper relates to the actual feeling of the surface of the wallpaper– smooth, rough, soft, hard, etc. Visual texture of a wallpaper is our perception of what the texture of the wallpaper might feel like to touch. In other words, we often make assumptions about the texture of a wallpaper based on our memory of touching similar surfaces.

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