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AY-3077 Maroon & gold damask wallpaper

AY-3077 Maroon & gold damask wallpaper


Gold & Maroon Damask Wallpaper

The color of this Gold & Maroon damask wallpaper has been distorted by amateur photography. Ask to see the hard-copy for the actual maroon color.

This patterned gold & maroon textured damask wallpaper design instantly brings to mind thoughts of riches, treasure, and wealth. The color gold has long been associated with the most luxurious of life’s pleasures, and adding gold to your room decor is a fantastic way to inspire a more elegant atmosphere.

As color psychology defines, use this gold and maroon wallpaper to represent intense and passionate liking; confidence, creative thoughts, excitement, power, risk, passion, love, ambition, courage, strength, warmth, and beauty. Maroon colors are often seen during harvest, usually seen on trees when the leaves are changing color.

Where would you use this Gold & Maroon Damask Wallpaper

The color maroon is often used inside schools, on restaurants, and on home interior walls. You do realize Maroon is the school color for many educational institutions and is normally worn on clothes to draw attention and show sensuality. Maroon can trigger appetite which is why it is wise to use our gold & maroon damask wallpaper on restaurant interior walls. The reason why Maroon is used on vehicles, like the Administration Police in Kenya, is to show professionalism and passion. It is used on Christmas to represent the blood of Christ, on Thanksgiving to represent harvest, and on Valentine’s Day to show love. Use the Gold & Maroon Wallpaper inside your home to show sophistication and expertise.

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