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Plain green wallpaper

Plain green wallpaper


There are many different shades of not only plain green wallpapers but also floral green wallpaper, green damasks, green geometric and all sorts of different designs green wallpapers. These is because green goes so well with many different interior decor styles. Plain green in wallpaper or even in any other foam, is thought to bring balance and harmony to its surroundings so it’s no wonder that it’s a favorite choice in many interior decor wallpaper designs. Perhaps because green is so heavily associated with nature, it is often described as a refreshing and tranquil color. A Green wallpaper is soothing and peaceful. It gives a sense of naturalness and earthiness.

Aside from the psychology of it, a green wallpaper's connection to the outdoors makes it a great color to pair with others, after all every flower, no matter what color, has a green stem. This means that even in a monochromatic green scheme, a pop of any other color won’t look out of place and that’s the kind of interior design that can grows with you.

Just as there are so many shades of green in nature, so are there so many different shades of green wallpaper some of which might not all be in stock. The best approach is for you to visit us at our stores at Wallpaper Kenya, Mazeras Centre, Langata Road, opposite T Mall and next door to Madaraka Shell Petrol Station to see our hard copy catalogs.

In case you are looking for a particular specific shade of green wallpaper and you can not find it, you can as well use pain-table wallpaper to obtain the exact shade or tone of green wallpaper you envision.

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