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Plaid wallpaper/ Tartan wallpaper

Plaid wallpaper/ Tartan wallpaper


Plaid wallpaper is not common in Kenya but is available at Wallpaper Kenya stores in Nairobi. The reason why plaid is not common in Kenya is that most of the wallpaper in Kenya comes from the East. Plaid wallpaper is most common in Europe, it derives its name from the plaid pattern, a pattern that is made up of 90 degree cross-crossed lines of different widths, and is traditionally known as tartan in Scotland. What we call plaid wallpaper is derived from a Scottish tartan cloth that is worn over the shoulder as an accessory to a kilt. Our current stock of plaid wallpaper (Jan 2019) is made in Germany.

Plaid wallpaper and plaid wall painting is a pattern typically used to create a traditional aesthetic in interior design, but can be made modern when used sparingly and with bold color in contemporary spaces.

Although plaid is most commonly associated with Scotland, the pattern actually dates back to ancient Celtic populations of the British Isles between the 8th & 6th centuries BC, where each clan or family had their own unique plaid design. Plaid made a comeback in the 1970s with the emergence of punk music. Today, plaid is back in style in both fashion and the home interior decor as plaid wallpaper.

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