Luxury Wallpaper & Cheap wallpaper prices & in Nairobi. Prices from Ksh 500 to 700 per sq. meter

The wallpaper prices quoted on our Wallpaper Kenya website are wallpaper prices for wallpaper for sale in Nairobi with the cheaper wallpaper going for Ks 2500 and the more luxurious expensive wallpaper going for Ks 3500 and above per roll of 53cm by 10m supply and installation. In other words the prices range from Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 700 per squire meter supply and installation. The prices are all inclusive of the wallpaper supply and installation in Nairobi. That means there are no hidden costs. You will not have to buy wallpaper adhesive or pay extra money for the wallpaper installation when you buy wallpaper from Wallpaper Kenya. Clients outside Nairobi will however have to meet the extra cost of travel and accommodation for the wallpaper Hangers.

Inexpensive, cheap discount wallpaper @ Ksh 500 per meter squire
Most of our wallpaper prices range from Ks 2500 to Ks 3500 per standard size roll 53 cm by 10 meters. These prices are all inclusive of supply and installation. Therefore if you wanted supply only of the cheaper wallpaper you would be discounted from Ks 2500 to Ks 1800 per roll. Our wallpaper prices are the cheapest in Nairobi. We can afford to give the cheap prices because we are direct importers from the factories overseas and we order our wallpaper in large quantities in containers full taking advantage of trade discounts which we are glad to pass to our clients.

How we operate, terms & conditions
Wallpaper Kenya receives a call from you and invites you to our show house and godown at Langata Road opposite T Mall and next door to the Shell Petrol Station on the way from T Mall to town. The Shell Petrol Station next to Strathmore University touching Langata Road. It is important for you to visitor us in order to see and feel our hard-copy wallpaper catalogs.
Although we have a few wallpaper designs on this website soft copy catalog, we have over 500 other wallpaper designs not featured here. Furthermore soft copy catalogs or pictures of wallpaper loose important details that cannot be possibly captured such as texture and at times even the color.
You view our hard-copy catalogs and if you did not bring along the dimensions of your house one of our wall hanging staff accompanies you to your house or office to take measurements
in order for us to give you a precise price quotation. In case of supply only you pay and you carry the wallpaper with you. In case you want us to install the wallpaper for you pay 70 percent of the total cost of supply and installation and the remaining 30 percent on the satisfactory completion of the wallpaper installation.