Wallpaper Wholesalers

As wallpaper wholesalers, we want to show you how to start a wallpaper business in Kenya with little to no startup capital. We will also show you how to promote your wallpaper business with our business cooperation. Why do we want to show you how to start your own wallpaper business? We are essentially Wallpaper Wholesalers but wholesale wallpaper is available to strictly trade customers only. Our wholesale wallpaper is not for end users. Although Wallpaper Kenya has retail operations, as wholesalers we do not sell to end-customers at wholesale prices and we do not offer the same services to our wholesale buyers as we offer to our retail clients.

To show you how to start a wallpaper business is an effort to strengthen the wallpaper supply chain; to ease the movement of wallpaper from point of origin to the point of consumption near you. As wallpaper wholesalers we must make known to our retailer affiliates that they are our partners as well as partners with their fellow wallpaper business retailers, all of whom must join the quest for overall low-cost operation to benefit the end users and the wallpaper industry as a whole. Our cooperation with wallpaper wholesale buyers works more or less like a business franchise.

There are many reasons which make us stand out as wallpaper wholesalers. First of all we are merchant wallpaper wholesalers stocking from different wallpaper manufacturers and we are independent. We are not agents, brokers or commission agents. We source for the best wallpaper designs from different manufacturers. Another distinguishing factor about our wallpaper wholesale business is that as long as you have been appointed our wallpaper agent you dont have to buy in bulk, like most others wallpaper wholesalers insist, for you to get trade discounts. You can buy even a single roll of wallpaper at wholesale price. Other benefits of dealing with us as your wallpaper wholesalers include:

1. Providing you with wallpaper in an appropriate quantity, even one roll, at reduced prices for your resale.
2. Providing you with a wide diversity of wallpaper designs.
3. Ensuring and maintaining wallpaper quality with international standards and Kenya Bureau of Standards.
4.Providing cost-effectiveness by reducing the number of producer contacts needed.
5. Providing wallpaper warehousing and ready access.
6. Minimizing your shipping costs by buying wallpaper in larger quantities and distributing in smaller amounts.
7. Removing trade and financial risks of anyone wishing to start a wallpaper business in Kenya and East Africa. Since we buy the wallpaper in bulk for making them available to you in small quantities, we take all the risks involved in the process. As your wholesalers we not only assumes the risk of loss arising from an unexpected fall in the prices but also the risks of damage, deterioration in quality, spoilage etc in our warehouse.

One may ask why does someone starting a wallpaper business get trade discount even on purchase of a single roll. Wallpaper Kenya's core business is wallpaper wholesaling though we are both wholesalers and retailers. There is a distinction between the wholesale and the retail trade. While the option of buying wallpaper only or buying the wallpaper and installation services all inclusive is open to our retail customers we do not install for our wholesale customers. Our retail customers are end users but our wholesale customers are our alliances or business partners so to speak, they buy in order to resell and make profit and thus are expected to add value to the wallpaper by installing it to their clients or end users. This way, our wholesale customers own the projects they do, take responsibility of work done and take the profit or loss as it were. Even though we do not install for our wholesale customers, we do offer free training for their wallpaper installation staff.

We value those wishing to start a wallpaper business as our wallpaper wholesale customers and therefore do not which to compete with them. We want our wholesale customers to be able to retail at the same prices as we do. We do not wish to compete for retail customers with our wholesale wallpaper customers. Wholesale wallpaper is thus not available to everybody. Members of IDAK, Interior Designers Association of Kenya, Registered Home Improvement and Interior Decor Shops and other Appointed Wallpaper Kenya Agents only do qualify for Wholesale wallpaper trade discounts.

If you are a home improvement shop or an interior designer who is not a registered member of ADKE, Association of Designers of Kenya you should register with us as our agent and take advantage of our free wallpaper installation training to qualify for wholesale trade discounts. We want to encourage you who want to start a wallpaper business to do so in all corners of as an industrial strategy to make wallpaper not only available but also affordable to a wider populace. I will give an example. Let us say you are our wallpaper wholesale customer or agent in Malindi. We have a wallpaper prospect or customer in Malindi who wants only one feature wall in the seating room wallpaper decorated. It would be a win win situation for the customer, for you and for us to pass this customer to you. Were we to serve the customer from Nairobi, the cost of freight and accommodation for the wallpaper staff would far exceed the cost of wallpaper supply and be a burden that the client might not be willing to should. Passing the client to you would save the client time and money as well as promote your business and ours as well.

It is easy for you to start your own wallpaper business with minimal start up capital or for an existing business to because our wallpaper agents. One of the most frequently asked questions by our trade inquirers is what quantity one needs to buy in order to qualify for trade discount. As long as you are registered as our agent and have bought our hard-copy catalogs, these are imperative for your clients to choose from, there is no minimum quantity to order in order to qualify for a wholesale trade discount. You can even buy one roll and get the trade discount. Furthermore, although it is good to hold a certain minimal amount of stock, it is not always necessary to tie your money by holding a big stock.

This is how to start a wallpaper business with minimal or no startup capital: Most of the time your clients will shop for the wallpaper at least a day or two before the installation date. You will help them to choose the wallpaper designs from the hard copy catalog that you have. You will then help help them to take measurements of the walls they want installed with wallpaper. The measurements will help you to calculate and determine how many rolls of wallpaper your clients will require to buy. Once the client has chosen the wallpaper and agreed to the cost, ask them for a down-payment. Once the clients have committed themselves by paying the down payment you can now call us and we will have the wallpaper delivered to your either by matatu couriers services, motor bike or the most appropriate means that you will advice us.

As wallpaper wholesalers we realize that having numerous retailers with show rooms across the country is an essential requirement for growth in the wallpaper industry. People have various misconceptions about wallpaper and when they have the facility of seeing it installed beautifully in showrooms, it gives them confidence of installing it in their homes and offices as well. That is where we choose to specialize as wallpaper wholesalers and to encourage all interior designers and interior decorators to consider retailing in wallpaper.

You will eventually need to know how to market or promote your wallpaper business. You will soon realize that the most powerful way of marketing your wallpaper business is by way of word of mouth. One job well done will always get you referrals. Technology is also changing the way wallpaper and other small businesses market their products. Free online platforms such facebook, the star classifieds, olx and Jumia do work wonders. These may be combined with marketing such as trade exhibitions and salesmanship.