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Wallpaper Kenya Wholesalers & Retailers.

Wholesale buyers are home improvement stores & interior designers skilled in wallpaper installation. They profit by adding value to the wallpaper. We train on how to install wallpaper for those starting a wallpaper business.

Why Choose Wallpaper Kenya

Wallpaper Kenya are wallpaper wholesalers and retailers with countrywide network. That saves you time and money. We work with interior designers such as Aba Design Creations. Also, we advice on how to start a wallpaper business anywhere in Kenya.

Our partners include  Wallpaper Kenya Mombasa, Wallpaper Kenya Kisumu, Wallpaper Kenya Nakuru, Wallpaper Kenya Eldoret, Wallpaper Kenya Thika and Wallpaper Kenya Nyeri. As a Firm founding member of The Association of Designers of Kenya (ADKe) our dealings are guided by interior decoration ethics and code of conduct. Members of ADKe are eligible to wholesale wallpaper prices at our store. We urge all interior designers in Kenya to register as Members and get to buy wallpaper at wholesale prices.

Professionalism in Wallpaper Wholesale & Retail Trade

We are Kenya’s pioneers in wallpaper for walls, homes and offices interior decoration with an unrivaled experience in wallpaper wholesale and retail. Our inventory is classic, modern & contemporary wallpaper designs.

We have both quality, low priced, discounted wallpaper as well as rare, unique, premium quality luxury wallpaper catalogs made in Germany. Our satisfied clients include executive spaces such as Harambe 1 commonly known as Air-force 1, five star hotels such as Hotel Intercontinental (Nairobi), Royal Swiss Grand Hotel (Kisumu), Golden Tulip Hotel, Offices such as International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Africa Head Office, CafeJavas (Uganda), Diamond Casino (Nairobi), Barclays Bank (Tanzania), Serengeti House (Tanzania) and Sasakwa Lodge (Tanzania) & countless others. Countless Private Homes of who is who in Kenya and thousands of ordinary residential houses, please read verifiable testimonials in the clients section below.

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Wallpaper Kenya (Wholesale & Retail)

Wallpaper Wholesale Supply & Installation

For more than 15 years, we have been distributing wallpaper wholesale and retail. Our fabulous wallpaper designs add life to homes. There are wallpaper designs for house living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and offices. To facilitate wallpaper wholesale we have a huge warehouse at Mazeras Center, Langata Road, Nairobi.  Visit us for a huge range of different colors wallpaper designs and patterns. You will find 3D wallpaper, brick and stone wallpaper, damask designs, plain white textured ceiling wallpaper. There is something for everyone, floral wallpaper, cartoons, children’s wallpaper, boys’ room wallpapers, and girls’ wallpapers. Not left out are geometric designs, wood effects and many more for both wholesale and retail. At our warehouse you will find the perfect wallpaper to suit whatever room you are decorating.

Classic and Luxury modern wallpaper designs

Here is unrivaled collection of classic and luxury new and latest wallpaper designs; What makes a beautiful space in interior design. A beautifully interior designed space incorporates texture, patterns, color, and 3d depth. And a focal point to create a layered and well-designed scheme. Every Interior Designer knows that. Without despite, wallpaper for walls & ceiling alone are the only method by which you can achieve all the powerful interior design qualities. These qualities are texture, patterns, color & depth. Only wallpaper has all of these together as a single package. Modern interior design wallpaper is the easiest and least expensive way to drastically transform. With wallpaper you don’t need a many of the other interior design elements.

Wallpaper Kenya is on record as the driver of the Renaissance of modern wallpaper Interior Design in Kenya as captured by the national print and electronic media.

Wallpaper is better than paint

It is a fact that many well-designed and decorated spaces incorporate both paint and wallpaper into their designs. After considering all factors, you will agree wallpaper adds color, design & character to a room that paint simply cannot accomplish. Furthermore wallpaper can be a more cost-effective option in the long run. Are you looking for a very specific color such as corporate, or would like the option to change your wall colors once in a while? In that case consider installing our plain white paint-able wallpaper. With a myriad of textures and designs to choose from, pain-table wallpaper is the best of both worlds.

Wallpaper installation customer satisfaction

Some of our satisfied customers include Hon Dr Gideon Mulyingi. It is noteworthy that Dr Mulyungi is Former Chairman of Architectural Association of Kenya. Another job well done is at Kenya Air Force Harambee One, otherwise commonly known as Air-force One. Again, Intercontinental Hotel; Loyal Swisss Grand Hotel; Golden Tulip Hotel; Red Cross & Red Crescent Africa Head Office; Nairobi Safari Club. Then Governor of Machakos Dr Alfred Mutua and countless others. We have a site or two or three at the same time almost every day.

A22-20P01 Embossed Brick Wallpaper

If you have a big design project and need help, call us and we will help in planning, designing and executing.

We arrange delivery of wallpapers to our client countrywide. We do not allow distance to be a deterrent to your idea.

Got a big project and need help doing site survey and getting exact size of wallpapers require? We are here to help.

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