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Wallpaper Kenya: Wallpaper Wholesalers & Retailers: Training on how to install wallpaper for those starting a wallpaper business.

Wallpaper Kenya for Wholesale, Retail, Supply and Installation

Why Wallpaper Kenya is Your Best Choice

Wallpaper Kenya are wallpaper wholesalers and retailers based in Nairobi. Now with a distribution Centre at the Heart of Nairobi Central Business District as from 1st Nov 2019. Also with a with a nationwide network. That means by shopping at Wallpaper Kenya you not only get the best wallpaper prices. You save time and money from the convenience of our Nairobi City Centre collection point. Besides, we have a show room in-house interior designers to help you choose your wallpaper. Our stock range covers wallpaper, wall mural customization and contact paper . Contact paper is the latest innovation in wallpaper and is 100% waterproof suitable for the most wet areas, wet bathroom walls and sink surrounds. Kitchen walls and kitchen counter-tops. We lead, others follow. Also, we advice on how to start a wallpaper business anywhere in Kenya.

Our partners include Wallpaper Mombasa, Wallpaper Kisumu, Wallpaper Nakuru, Wallpaper Eldoret. Also, Wallpaper Thika and Wallpaper Nyeri. We are founding members of The Association of Designers of Kenya (ADKe). Thus our dealings are guided by interior decoration ethics and code of conduct. Members of ADKe are eligible to wallpaper wholesale prices at our store. We urge all interior designers in Kenya to register as Members and get to buy wallpaper at wholesale prices.

Wallpaper Kenya wallpaper for Walls Designs Catalogs

At Wallpaper Kenya it will cost you  Sh 5000 to 10000 a wall for ordinary wallpaper installation. That is roughly Sh 550 per square meters. For Bespoke Mural Wallpaper the cost is Sh 2000 per Square meter. With Mural Wallpaper the designs are unlimited. In our catalogs you will find the following broad categories which can be broken down father into hundreds of designs:

  1. 3D Brick Wallpaper
  2. Plain color Wallpaper
  3. Geometric Wallpaper
  4. Floral Wallpaper
  5. Children’s Wallpaper
  6. Ceiling Wallpaper
  7. Nature Wallpaper
  8. 3D Wall Murals
  9. Wood effect Wallpaper
  10. Damask Wallpaper Designs
  11. 3D Wallpaper 

Wallpaper Kenya Unlimited Designs for Customized Mural Wallpaper

Wallpaper Kenya 3D Brick Wallpaper and 3D Geometric Designs

Brick Wallpaper comes in different styles and in variety of colors. Natural red brick wallpaper, natural white bricks, red tiles, ledge stones, rustic red bricks and white stone wallpaper. Grey bricks, brown bricks, slate bricks and 3D Exposed Brick effects for an industrial look. Our latest collection, Marble, Granite and other Contact Paper, are 100% waterproof for Bathroom Wallpaper, toilet and Kitchen Wallpaper. It’s the most suitable for wet areas instead of tiles and actual granite and marble counter tops. Get natural finishes with our brick and stone wallpaper without  much expenses.

Wallpaper Kenya Home, Office & Restaurant Wallpaper Designs

Our wallpaper designs are more of how they work as well as how they look.

Calm Living Room Wallpaper Kenya

For the living room, where you spend of much time you want calm wallpaper colors and patterns. Our in house interior designer will guide you on how to decorate a living room with wallpaper.

Dining Room Wallpaper Kenya to promote appetite

Wallpaper Kenya’s Bed Room Wallpaper for relaxation

You spend most of your life in the bedroom and therefore you need wallpaper that will promote relaxation.

100% Waterproof Bathroom, Kitchen, and Exterior Wallpaper now in Kenya

  • Toilet walls
  • Bathroom and shower walls. Sink Counter Tops & Bathroom Furniture, Bathroom Cabinets.
  • Replacing or refinishing kitchen counter-tops used to be an expensive exercise. You can give a new look to your Kitchen room for 10% the cost of marble, granite and tiles. Choose a thick and durable contact paper—perhaps in a pattern that mimics a natural stone like granite or marble.

Wallpaper Kenya Ceiling Wallpaper

Use different light ceiling wallpaper of to make the ceiling look higher. If the wallpaper on the walls are a slightly darker hue than the ceiling wallpaper, the eye will naturally be drawn upward. This will make a small room look larger in appearance.

Damask Wallpaper Designs at Wallpaper Kenya

Classic Damask Wallpaper Designs completely change a room. They can transform a plain room to a spectacular one. Adorning damask is a luxurious thing. It stands out and sets the tone in any room. Be it your bedroom or some hotel room, damask wallpaper has a form for all. Most damask designs are formal and elegant, but some more causal and relaxed.

Plain Wallpaper at Wallpaper Kenya

The rule is 60% of the walls in the room, to represent your (Plain Wallpaper) dominant color choice. The idea is that the 60% color anchors the space and also serves as a backdrop for what comes next. Apply 30% to a secondary wallpaper color to support the main wallpaper color. But make it different enough to set the two apart and give the room interest. The remaining 10% is better patterned feature wall wallpaper.

Professional Wholesale & Retail Wallpaper Kenya

Wallpaper Kenya are Kenya’s pioneers in wallpaper for walls, homes and offices interior decoration. As industry first movers we are unrivaled in experience in wallpaper wholesale and retail. Our inventory is classic, modern & contemporary Wallpaper Designs.

We have quality, low priced, discounted wallpaper. As well as rare, unique, premium quality luxury wallpaper catalogs made in Germany. Our satisfied clients include executive spaces such as Harambe 1 commonly known as Air-force 1. Others are five star hotels such as Hotel Intercontinental,  Royal Swiss Grand Hotel (Kisumu) and Golden Tulip Hotel (Westlands, Nairobi). Offices such as International Federation of Red Cross & Red Cresent. Restaurants CafeJavas (Uganda), Diamond Casino Nairobi, Barcklays Bank (Tanzania). And Lounges Serengeti House (Tanzania) and Sasakwa Lodge (Tanzania) & countless others. Countless Private Homes of who is who in Kenya. And thousands of ordinary residential houses. Please read verifiable testimonials in the clients section below.

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Wallpaper Kenya

As our name connotes, Wallpaper Kenya are the pioneers of wallpaper wholesale and retail in Kenya. Our fabulous Wallpaper Designs add life to homes. We stock Designs for house living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and offices. To facilitate wallpaper wholesale we have a huge warehouse in Nairobi.  Visit us for a huge range for 3D, brick and stone, damask designs, plain white textured and ceiling wallpaper. There is something for everyone, floral, cartoons, children’s, boys’ room and girls’ wallpapers. Not left out are geometric designs, wood effects and many more. All for both wholesale and retail. At our warehouse you will find the perfect style to suit whatever room you are decorating.

Classic and Luxury Wallpaper Kenya

Here is unrivaled collection of classic and luxury new and latest wallpaper designs. A beautifully designed space incorporates texture, patterns, color, and 3d depth. And a focal point to create a layered and well-designed scheme. Every Interior Designer knows that. Undoubtedly, wallpaper & ceiling paper are the only method by which you can achieve all these powerful interior design qualities. These qualities are texture, patterns, color & depth. Only wallpaper has all of these together as a single package.


3D Wallpaper Design
A22-20P01 Embossed Brick Wallpaper

If you have a big design project and need help, call us and we will help in planning, designing and executing.

We arrange delivery of wallpapers to our client countrywide. We do not allow distance to be a deterrent to your idea.

Got a big project and need help doing site survey and getting exact size of wallpapers require? We are here to help.

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