5049 Light yellow plain color wallpaper

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5045 Light Yellow Wallpaper for walls interior decoration, or Pale Yellow, is simply a yellow wallpaper with more white than yellow. Most people use the words light and pale interchangeably. To me “pale” refers to the saturation of color, and “light/dark” refers to luminance, or the perceived brightness.

Our 5045 Light Yellow Wallpaper may or may not be the exact hue you are looking for. To get the exact hue go for custom made wallpaper. Otherwise visit Wallpaper Kenya store at Mazeras Centre, Langata Road, directly opposite Nairobi West Shell Petrol Station. There you will find different designs and patterns of various shade of yellow wallpaper.

Palm Springs Yellow Wallpaper
Special offer KS 800 Palm Springs Yellow Wallpaper

With the large selection we have, you will find a yellow wallpaper design to add a bright and cheerful touch to any room. With any one of them you will creates a serene, carefree and optimistic atmosphere. And they are particularly an excellent choice for the kitchen, bathroom or dining room, where the light yellow wallpaper with soft tones can brighten up the environment.

Special offer Ks 800 per roll 3d grey and light yellow wallpaper
Special offer Ks 800 per roll 3d grey and light yellow wallpaper
Because it is bright you can also install it in small or narrow spaces such as corridors. As you might know, bright wallpaper generates an optical illusion making a small space look larger.

Designing with 5045 light yellow wallpaper for walls

The intensity of the light yellow wallpaper color will define the character of the room. A calm pale yellow shade will be a good background for filling a room that both dark and light furniture will suit. But a rich bright yellow color will, on the contrary, stand out; it is better to combine it with more soothing light shades.
3d grey and light yellow wallpaper for walls Ks 800
3d grey and light yellow wallpaper for walls Ks 800
3D wallpaper is an interesting and unusual interior solution for decorating a room. Most often, one of the walls or a certain area is decorated with photo wallpaper or 3d wallpaper. And that way you can divide the space into zones and focus attention.
Special offer 800 floral wallpaper
Special offer 800 floral wallpaper
Take for example the above combination above of white and light yellow wallpaper for walls. This combination is suitable for small, dark rooms: white visually enlarges the room, while yellow fills it with sunlight. Such a tandem is difficult to spoil – a win-win for those who are cautious or in doubt.
Use this floral pattern to create a summer atmosphere in the home. And with bright voluminous flowers on a yellow background you can decorate any area in the apartment. For example, above the TV or bed. On the other hand use light yellow wallpaper with a small, discreet floral pattern to trim the entire perimeter.

Yellow color psychology

Mentally returning to the school art lesson, remember that yellow is one of the three primary colors (in addition to red and blue). Simply put, it cannot be obtained by mixing other colors. Due to this property, yellow blends harmoniously with all colors. The main thing is to choose the right shade. Do you want to make the interior airy? Choose pastel shades of yellow that will blend into whites. Stucco moldings, curved furniture and ornate décor will help enhance the feeling. Yellow is warmth, carefree joy, optimism, energy. It improves memory and concentration, has a positive effect on brain function, facilitating the process of memorization and learning. A true intellectual among fellow flowers. And a similar property will play into the hands when decorating a work / study area or office.