Embossed Brick Wallpaper

A22-20P01 Embossed brick wallpaper has a 3 dimensional look. It looks like real bricks with raised surfaces. All our brick wallpapers have the embossed brick look. However this is optical illusion. As bricks comes in all colors, that means you will find an embossed brick wallpaper to go with any color scheme in your home or office.
Our A22-20P01  embossed brick wallpaper are of various textured to suit your needs. You will find smooth texture, light texture, heavy texture, tumbled and stock. Embossing is all about texture which plays a vital role in the look and feel of interior decoration. It is as important as color and is usually the missing link between awesome and poor interior decoration.
Note that bricks are arguably the most durable of wall building materials in the history of construction. Embossed brick wallpaper gives your interior wall an ornamental wall surface.

Faux embossed brick Wallpaper

How can you have Faux embossed wallpaper? How can it be faux? This fun and surprising technique has been around for a long time. People always have to run their fingers on the wallpaper to prove that it really is an optical illusion! It is just a play of colors and inks.

Embossed brick wallpaper hides imperfections

You will find brick wallpaper one of the best solutions to hide wall imperfections. You may use it to cover up small cracks, dents, bumpy patches, and odd stains on the walls. Furthermore, if you’re renting, it is a temporary solution that can be easily removed while when moving.

Plain, smooth wallpaper will not properly hide damaged, uneven wall surfaces. So look for a brick wallpaper featuring 3-dimensional texture in a design that you like. Measure the dimensions of your wall and buy enough wallpaper to cover it completely. Or ask us to do the whole job for you. Supply and installation.

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