Brick wallpaper

Brick wallpaper designs, to most people, are the best of wallpaper. Why not when you can achieve this entirely realistic material effect adding a whole other level of sensory to whichever space you choose. Brick wallpaper really defines comfort in a home that you can bond to on a personal level. And there are all manner of brick wallpaper designs. From all white to rustic brick walls.

Brick wallpapers designs combine all the elements of interior decoration. These present elements being patterns, color, texture, and 3d optical illusion. Wallpaper Kenya in Nairobi stocks a fantastic array of realistic Faux brick wallpapers. Realistic embossed brick wallpapers are the most popular wallpaper designs all over the world. Most of them carry both texture and optical illusion, 3d effect. Find your perfect style of realistic brick effect wallpaper today right here at Wallpaper Kenya. They come at prices you are sure to love. Create a stylish look in any room in your house with our classic realistic brick wallpaper. You can choose from various colors from black to traditional red shades. From light and dark grey to cream brick wallpapers. Bring in a touch of the outdoors into your interiors with our realistic faux brick wallpapers.

Benefits of brick wallpaper

Well designed Brick Wallpaper, mimics real brick, is a show-stopper in any home or office. It is a statement wall making a brilliant background that adds contemporary fashion and flair; even without other finishing decor pieces. Faux brick wallpaper is a timeless and effortlessly chic option decoration.

Our high-quality wallpapers are quick and easy to install. On the other hand using real brick is fine for this trendy look but can be costly and back-breaking in application and maintenance. You get the same aesthetic effects of a traditionally brick wall without a permanent commitment. And if you’re looking for a change somewhere down sometime later, the wallpaper alternative will save you a lot of time and money.

Variety of Brick Wallpaper

You will be spoil t by the vast array of designs of classic bricks that Wallpaper Kenya has to offer. There are so many colors and designs to choose from; all with unique overalls effects. Rustic red brick is gorgeous and brings warm into your home for a modern-vintage interior design scheme. The natural color of this red and brown all-star finish will leave your walls feeling calm, cozy, and comfortable.

Then there is all white contemporary brick wallpaper. It is super chic and elegantly textured. Above all, it is great for all types of decor and furniture.

Are you looking for a darker style? Bold black brick wallpaper adds great drama. This is the ideal wallpaper to tone down a brighter space. black is great for absorbing light and creating balance.

Then we have the industrial brick design wallpaper with a  rugged unfinished look. The is wear and tear to creates subtle depth and texture.

Effects of brick wallpapeer

Interior Decorators find our Faux Brick wallpapers the perfect design to add to living rooms. We have brick wallpapers for dining rooms and kitchen walls as well. Some brick wallpaper designs add up well on all four walls. Or you can create a feature wall with just a couple of rolls. Wallpaper Kenya’s large array of brick wallpapers designs means that you can add brick effect to any color scheme. With red, grey, cream, white, blue, brown, black, taupe and more available. It means brick style wallpaper can be added to any color scheme in your home.

Wallpaper Kenya will make your home house interiors welcoming and chic. These will be done with Faux brick wallpaper without you breaking the bank. They are the perfect low-cost alternative to adding real stones to your rooms. Let Wallpaper Kenya help you choose the style and color of the brick. You will be amazed with the transformation of your room into a romantic setting or a studious enclave.

Cost of brick wallpaper

Building a house exclusively of bricks can be costly.  But it’s a sensible idea to use cheaper interior wall partitions clad with our realistic faux brick wallpapers. Brick wallpapers help adjust the building’s temperature keeping it warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. You know heat and cold won’t pass through paper.

Finally, it is also beneficial that houses completely decorated with faux brick wallpapers make financial sense. A roll of the universal standard size 53 cm by 9.5 meters goes for Ksh 2500 all inclusive. Supply and installation. And they are often more attractive and attract higher values, should you want to sell them one day. This is down to, among other factors, the excellent properties relating to energy consumption and indoor climate. In addition, houses completely decorated with brick wallpapers are associated with better quality.

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